Brown-Gibson Decision Model

The Brown-Gibson Mathematical Modeling Technique helps you take decisions, where both Objective Factors (those that can be quantified or measured) and Subjective Factors (those that cannot be quantified or measured) need consideration. To explain, imagine you want to buy a TV.

Now, if you want to go by Objective, measurable factors alone, you would go by Cost, Screen Size, etc., which are all quantifiable parameters. So, you merely need to pick off acceptable cost, preferred Screen Size, etc., and buy!

And, if you want to go by Subjective, non-measurable factors alone, you would have to go by Brand Reputation, After-Sales Service, etc., none of which are quantifiable parameters. You would therefore go about taking your decision by asking a friend whose opinions you trust on these matters, or by visiting Complaint Web Pages of these TV Manufacturers/ Dealers, or by some such process.

Real life, almost all decisions you take will have a mixture of Objective and Subjective Factors and this is where knowing the Brown-Gibson Model’s working will stand you in good stead!

One of us had put the Brown-Gibson Decision Model to great use at a leading IT Magazines Publishing House in the country, for the 12 years that he was with them! The Publisher’s top-selling Computer Magazines used to run Editor’s Choice Awards for Best Gaming Laptop, Best Business Laptop, Best Hubs/ Switches/ Routers, Best SAN/ NAS/ IP-SAN Solution, Best CAD/ CAM Solution, Best e-Mail Service Provider, Best CRM, Best Web Hosting Services Provider, Best Internet Services Provider, Best IT Facilities Management Services Provider, etc., etc. In short, on just about Everything Computers!

While many of the reviewed Products/ Services were those purchased by Corporates, many were Products targeted at individual customers too. Hence, these reviews would not just have helped Corporates save a great deal of money and time, they would also have created a great amount of faith and goodwill for the Reviews and therefore, for the Magazine publishing it, with individual readers as well! How else would the Magazine have continued to be Number One, for over 2 Decades!! 🙂

We have created a fairly detailed, free PDF Presentation on how to set up and use the Brown-Gibson Model in the link below, for you to download.

View and Download Brown-Gibson Decision Model PDF Presentation

However, we also know that where calculations are concerned, a Spreadsheet with all Formulae built in would be far more preferable.

Err… would you like to add that if the Spreadsheet Template were to solve a simple example, that would be even better?

Oh and if the Spreadsheet could actually also be re-used with little or no modifications on your specific Decision Problem(s), then it would be something worth spending some money on, right?

Well, we have an Excel Template with a simple example illustrating the Brown-Gibson Decision Model, all formulae built in, and one that you may re-use on your specific Decision Problem(s) with a very little modifications, at a nominal price of US$10/-!

Just click on the PayPal Button below to secure your re-usable copy of the Excel Template, that includes the fully-worked-out solution to the simple problem presented in the PDF Presentation!

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