Desktop Publishing Services

Whether you are writing a Book, Report, Instruction/ Technical Manual, HTML Newsletter or Journal, we are fully geared to convert your Content from its current raw state, to the Ready-for-Press state.

Desktop Publishing Process
Desktop Publishing Process

Our Desktop Publishing Services include Online Content Creation, Formatting, Illustration and Digitizing for multiple vehicles – PDF for Print, as well as HTML/ Video Formats for Computers/ Tablets/ Smartphones. The collective experience we bring in designing each of the above is yours to discover and make use of!

Here are the broad steps in a Desktop Publishing Project:

Desktop Publishing Steps
Desktop Publishing Steps

IrfanView 'Lite' User Manual
Click to download the Free, ‘Lite’ IrfanView User Manual


IrfanView is one of the most popular Graphic Viewers and Editors. It is completely free for personal use and costs a mere US$12 for commercial use. IrfanView continues to be downloaded over a Million times every month since 2003!

In an era where everyone has a SmartPhone and clicks pictures every day with it, IrfanView is just the choice for all your Photo Viewing, Editing, Publishing and Sharing needs!

You may download the Free, ‘Lite’ Edition of the IrfanView 4.42 User Manual by clicking the image to the left or from the IrfanView Website as well. The Foreword for the User Manual is penned by Irfan himself!

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