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Educational Institutions and Corporates are increasingly using the Web for Training purposes as this offers the following advantages:

  • Online Trainings let each Student assimilate at his/ her individual pace
  • Online Trainings allow enrolment of Students from anywhere in the world, multiplying ‘Program Reach’
  • Online Trainings let the Instructor assess ‘On the Spot’ and Objectively Assess Answers, thus saving ‘Time to Assess’
  • Experts can be commissioned to write on each Topic
e-Learning Process
e-Learning Process

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application for the Administration, Documentation, Tracking, Reporting and Delivery of Learning Content as well as Resources to Students. Today, some of the best organisations and Universities/ Institutions have invested in LMSs that enable the delivery of hundreds of Courses to thousands of Students even, all at the same time, with Students drawn from across the Globe.

Functions of LMS:

  • Student Registration and Administration
  • Training Event Management (i.e., Scheduling, Tracking, and Web-Based Training (WBT) Delivery)
  • Curriculum and Certification Management
  • Skills and Competencies Management
  • Reporting
  • Training Record Management
  • Courseware Authoring

With our experience setting up and managing MOODLE for Institutional set-ups, as well as the extensive Instructional Design work we have done at the Governmental level, we are well placed to undertake Instructional Design work from across the globe with excellent quality, punctuality and unmatched prices.

e-Learning Course Dissemination
e-Learning Course Dissemination

If you are merely exploring and not yet ready to invest in a LMS, but, at the same time, would like to publish your Course Material Online, you can still do so. However, the full benefits of Registration, Administration and Management of multiple Students would naturally not be possible by merely publishing Courses Online.

Instructional Design is the creative part of running an LMS and consists of developing innovative Course Materials for delivery onto the LMS or the Web. We are in a position to convert your Course Content – including Multiple-Choice Quizes, Case Studies/ White Papers, Further Readings, Glossaries, etc., into HTML Pages for you to put up on your Website. Students can access these links from anywhere in the world and take advantage of your Course Materials. We can also custom-code the HTML Versions for the iPad.

LMS/ Web Publishing Steps
LMS/ Web Publishing Steps

With 10 years Teaching experience, including over 4 years creating and administering working on e-Learning Services, we have complete expertise on Articulate Storyline for e-Learning Content Creation tasks and MOODLE, for LMS based-Projects.

We have conducted complete Courses on e-Learning, of which the one titled “Fundamentals of Business Analytics” may be purchased as a set of One, Two or Three Units. These are available as off-the-shelf Products since they were developed by us, for us.

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Apart from these, we have completed a number of other prestigious e-Learning Projects. Naturally, we cannot share these.

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