IrfanView (pronounced EarfanView) is an extremely fast, small (The 32-Bit Version’s Setup file occupies a mere 2 MB, while the 64-Bit Version is about 3.5 MB!) and rock-solid program for viewing and editing digital images. IrfanView has been developed by Irfan Skiljan, a Bosnia-born software developer, who has kept it free (for non-commercial use: it is priced at 10 Euros or 12 US$ for commercial use), ever since the first version was released to the public. IrfanView’s popularity is rising by the day – since 2003, it is being downloaded over One Million times every month!

IrfanView Website

IrfanView is updated periodically, with new features being added on, based on user feedback and global trends. The current version is numbered 4.42 and it is available both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

IrfanView has many firsts: it was the first Windows-based graphic viewer with Multiple (animated) GIF support, one of the first graphic viewers with Multipage TIF support and the first graphic viewer with Multiple ICO support.

In the words of its creator, “IrfanView is trying to create new and/ or interesting features in its own way. It is designed to be simple for beginners and powerful for professionals.” This is no idle boast, for, IrfanView continues to be one of the most popular Image Viewers and Editors, and that is over two decades now!

IrfanView plays a number of sound and video file formats as well, apart from the digital image editing features that form its core. We at BytePublish and earlier on at WellOiledPC, have been great fans of IrfanView for many years now and wholeheartedly recommend it for a wide range of image editing tasks. We simply love it for its speed, ease of operations, plethora of features, simplicity and rock-solid stability. So if you have a collection of digital photographs crying out to be edited/ touched up, look no further!

In fact, we like IrfanView so much, we went ahead and finally, crafted the User Manual for Version 4.25. We were overjoyed when Irfan unhesitatingly consented to write a short Foreword to it! We revised it when IrfanView was updated to Version 4.27 and again, when Version 4.38 was released.

And now, here is the User Manual for the latest, IrfanView 4.42!

IrfanView 'Lite' User Manual
Click to download the IrfanView ‘Lite’ User Manual

The ‘Lite’ and completely ‘Free’ Version of the User Manual for Version 4.42 itself occupies over 230 Pages. Click the Cover Page to the left to download your digital copy of the Free, ‘Lite’ User Manual for IrfanView Version 4.42! It is a largish download, at about 20 MB… The ‘Lite’ User Manual is also downloadable free from the IrfanView Website. In an era where everyone has a SmartPhone and clicks pictures every day with it, IrfanView is just the best for all your Photo Viewing, Editing, Publishing and Sharing needs!

The Full, Complete Edition of the User Manual for Version 4.42 is priced at US$ 10 and contains over 400 Pages. It has hands-on Exercises in all Chapters, in addition to an exclusive Chapter of hands-on Exercises. These hands-on Exercises cover the simple to the complex aspects of IrfanView and let you put IrfanView to amazing uses! Just keep IrfanView open in one window and the Complete User Manual open in another!

Why Should you order the Complete User Manual?

  1. This is the Fourth Edition of the Complete Edition of the User Manual. It has many more hands-on Exercises – both as part of each Chapter, as well as in a separate Chapter! You can try out these Exercises alongside, IrfanView open in one Window and the Complete Edition in another. I have presented both simple Exercises as well as those that will tickle your imagination, letting you do stuff that you may not even have imagined possible with IrfanView! The Free, ‘Lite’ Edition of the IrfanView User Manual contains the Table of Contents of the Complete User Manual – do check out!
  2. The Complete Edition contains many more Screenshots that illustrate the nuances of IrfanView. It has about Two Hundred more pages than the Free, ‘Lite’ Edition!
  3. The Screenshots in the Complete Edition of the User Manual are uncompressed Screenshots that will remain sharp and readable even with reasonable magnification. On the other hand, the ‘Lite’ User Manual contains compressed Screenshots that would not remain readable on magnification – they have been deliberately compressed to reduce the overall size of the Free, ‘Lite’ Manual
  4. The Complete Edition contains many more handy, easy-to-locate, useful Notes, Tips, Warnings and Information Boxes along the way. These will really help you become a Power User of IrfanView!
  5. Both the Free, ‘Lite’ as well as the Complete User Manuals have a number of Links that take you back or forward within the Manual, to related content. (Many more such Links in the Complete User Manual, obviously). However, in the Free, ‘Lite’ Edition, you do not have a way to return to where you were, just before you clicked on any of these Links… On the other hand, the Complete Edition of the User Manual has ‘Return Buttons’ that will take you back to where you were, before you clicked on any of the Reference Links!
  6. All the non-working Links in the ‘Lite’ Edition work in the Commercial Edition.
  7. The Complete Edition costs a mere US$10/- and you may secure your purchase with your PayPal Account. Currently I respond manually to each Purchase Order, usually dispatching your copy of the Commercial User Manual within the day. However, do allow me bad hair days as well, when I may be slow to respond!

Yes, the Complete Edition of the User Manual teaches old IrfanView users some nifty tricks and so, you should have it too! 🙂

IrfanView 4.42: Complete User Manual

So how exactly will we deliver you your copy of the Complete User Manual for IrfanView Version 4.42?

  1. Your US10$ Payment comes in to our PayPal Account
  2. Barring Bad Hair days, within 24 Hours of receiving your Payment into our PayPal Account, you receive a Mail from us, containing the Secure Link to download your copy of the User Manual
  3. Just click the Link and download your User Manual!
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