I first spoke about Technology trends in 1994, while at IDC, the world leaders in Market Research in the ICT business. In my first year at IDC, I was the youngest Speaker on a panel of 8, for their one day “Directions” Seminars. Directions continues to be a paid Seminar held at multiple cities to this day and is attended by CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and other senior Management, including both IT Vendors as well as IT User organizations. I usually spoke about IT Spending Trends, while others spoke about other aspects of IT, talking about both Numbers and Revenues, talking about Hardware, Software and IT Services. Each individual session would probe deep into the concerned segment: for example, the Speaker of the Hardware session would present Numbers and Revenues for each Computer Form Factor, Networking Component, Peripherals, Add-ons, etc.

Participants invariably waited eagerly for the last session, titled “Predictions”. This session presented IDC’s Ten Predictions on Technology for the year ahead, with the senior-most IDC Speaker presenting it. This format has not changed perceptibly, even after all these years!

Obviously, my Sessions as Speaker for IDC’s “Directions” Seminars cannot be reproduced here, IDC owns the Copyrights!

However, I have continued speaking about Technology in various forums, some of which I am allowed to share. So here are links to two of my Technology Talks in 2014:

Topic: “Is Your SmartPhone Smart?”
Topic: “Windows XPires”