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We have experience designing and developing Websites, both as Consultants as well as regular staff in charge of maintaining corporate websites. While we cannot talk about the Websites we have maintained as regular employees, we would like to mention two Websites which we designed as far back as 2009, as Consultants. Do click on the following links to view the websites as they are today: – Website of award-winning Photographer Nitin Rai – Website of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), Government of India

When we were commissioned to re-design the then-existing NCPCR Website, the Website did not feature in the Google Page Rankings, despite being in existence for about 3 years. Our task was two-fold:

  • To ensure that the Website attain a decent Google PR at the earliest
  • To ensure that the hundreds of Reports generated by the Commission show up on a generic Google Search, both by Author’s name, as well as by Report Title

The NCPCR Website is now handled by a Specialist Government Agency, as per a Government Decree stipulating that all Government Websites must be developed and maintained by a special Department of the Government created for this purpose. However, even before the handing over, it had attained a Google PR of 5 and most of its Reports were showing up at the top of Searches, both by Author’s Name, as well as Report Title, thrilling the then Chairperson of NCPCR, a world-renowned Magsaysay awardee, Professor and Child Welfare activist! It was a unique, great experience working with her!

Nitin’s Website is also managed by people less occupied than ourselves. We are both happy though, creating his first Modern Website in 2009 – it was a great learning experience all around!

Apart from the above Websites (which we designed and developed as Consultants), the BytePublish team has people who have extensive experience maintaining their Corporate/ Institution’s Websites, handled SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, etc.,¬†prior to joining us!

You would definitely have noticed that the BytePublish Website, which is fully responsive (seamlessly fitting Desktops to SmartPhone Screens) Website, uses WordPress for Content Management. Today, already about 24% of Websites are on WordPress, with this share increasing by the day!

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